We are using three main methods in the lab in combination with classical molecular biology and biochemistry and immunohistochemistry:

2-Photon Microscopy

We are using our custom made 2-Photon Microscope to investigate long-term and acute pathological alterations at the neurovascular unit. The setup allows us to use behavioural tasks in combination with live imaging.

Cell Culture

Primary cell cultures of various forms are used to study mechanistic changes at the neurovascular unit. Furthermore, we use pharmacological approaches to influence pathway associated changed in ongoing pathology.

RNA – sequencing

Single cell RNA-sequencing is used to get an overview of potential changes to the genetic profile based on different pathological stages. This technique is used as a steppingstone on the way to identifying new biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease and vascular cognitive impairment.

Details of 2-Photon imaging head fixation system

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