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We are offering a practical modules in the lab for the Master Courses

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience– Modul INS A-23

Module Discription:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms in neurovascular disorders

The practical course offers basic theoretical and experimental knowledge in the area of neurodegenerative and vascular disorders. The students work on their own projects under supervision and present the results in the form of a seminar talk. This talk also includes an original publication from the field of their projects. By writing a result protocol, they will learn how to write scientific reports. The practical course consists of systemic, cellular and molecular aspects that will be addressed. This includes the following techniques: in vivo 2-Photon Microscopy, Image- and data analysis, basic mouse genetic techniques, processing of brain tissue for immunohistochemistry, basic primary cell culture techniques, immunofluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy as well as biochemical techniques including protein gel electrophoresis and Western blotting.

In this elective module the student will learn fundamental techniques used to in the research area of neurodegenerative disorders (as described above). In vivo 2-Photon imaging enables us to record systemic as well as cellular processes in real time. The students are presented with the opportunity to observe in vivo animal handling and the live imaging process. The acquired data will be analyzed by the students, teaching them basic Image- and data analysis skills. The immunohistochemical stainings of brain sections will teach the students the technique as well as the underlying scientific question of the experiment. Moreover, the students will work with cultured cells under sterile conditions, with the epifluorescence – and stereo microscope. The students are in an international environment and learn how to write and communicate their results in English.

Duration: 4-5 weeks
Certificate of performance: Protocol and a 20 min presentation (15 + 5 min) in the seminar covering the experimental results and a short review of the relevant literature.

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